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Our Mission
Members of the SEEC Lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks work at the intersection of ecology and evolution to address pressing conservation problems with the goal of sustaining the connections between salmon, people, and place. 

Land Acknowledgement
We, as members of the SEEC Lab, live, work, and conduct our research on Indigenous lands in Alaska and beyond. The SEEC Lab is based on the Troth Yedhha’ campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the traditional homelands of the Lower Tanana Dene’. We are indebted to, and grateful for, the 10,000+ years of ongoing stewardship and sustainable management of fisheries by the many diverse groups of Indigenous peoples across the state.

We believe that both Indigenous and western knowledge are necessary in confronting the most pressing conservation challenges today, and we strive to become better stewards by applying the best available knowledge to inform society’s choices. All of us are at different stages of journeys to better understand the impacts of colonialism on Indigenous stewardship and the legacy of criminalization of subsistence ways of life, displacement, and erasure inside and outside of the classroom. We understand that this work is on-going and never complete. While undoubtedly we will make missteps along the way, we do so with good intentions and welcome loving corrections when we go astray.
-Written by lab members in the Spring of 2021

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
The SEEC Lab recognizes that access to science and careers in science continues to be inequitable and that science does not benefit all peoples equally. We feel that making science more inclusive is not only a necessary step towards addressing these inequities but also that science as a whole benefits from the inclusion of diverse voices and perspectives. As a lab, we value the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion and support lab members’ work in these areas. We are committed to active inclusion in lab spaces and strive towards promoting these values in all the scientific spaces we inhabit, as well as in our personal lives. Discrimination, prejudice, or reinforcement of racial hierarchy has no place in our lab.
-Written by lab members in the Spring of 2021

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