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"Nothing in evolutionary biology makes sense except in the light of ecology"

- Peter & Rosemary Grant -

Publications (peer-reviewed articles)

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*Paper featured on journal cover

‡ Shared lead authorship

†Student at time of research


M. Vignon, M. Zhou, A.R. McIntosh, C. Correa, P.A.H. Westley, L. Jacquin, J. Labonne, A.P. Hendry. Trait variation in a successful global invader: a large-scale analysis of morphological variance and integration in the brown trout. Biological Invasions, DOI: Link



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Ecological Applications, DOI: Link

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Freshwater Biology, DOI: Link



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Publications (peer-reviewed technical reports)


1. Westley, P.A.H, D. W. Ings, and I.A .Fleming. 2011. A review and annotated bibliography of the impacts of invasive brown trout (Salmo trutta) on native salmonids, with an emphasis on Newfoundland waters. Canadian Technical Report of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 2924, 81 p.

2. Westley, P.A.H and R. Hilborn.  2006.  Chignik Salmon Studies: Investigations of Salmon Populations, Hydrology, and Limnology of the Chignik Lakes, Alaska, During 2005-2006.  Available at:

3. Westley, P.A.H, B.E. Chasco, and R Hilborn.  2005. Chignik Salmon Studies: Investigations of Salmon Populations, Hydrology, and Limnology of the Chignik Lakes, Alaska, During 2004-2005.  Available at: .

Popular literature and Outreach

1. Alaska at the frontlines of biological invasions: A call to arms for salmon-dependent stakeholders to unite. Article in 'Smolt'- Newsletter of Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association.


2. Interview on local CBC news to discuss brown trout in Newfoundland, aired May 24, 2008.  Can be viewed on YouTube at:

3. Westley, P.A.H. 2008. One trout, two trout, brook trout, brown trout: an overview of the wonderfully bizarre biology of salmonids. The Osprey (nature journal of Newfoundland and Labrador) 39: 139-143.

4. Westley, P.A.H. 2008. Life-time angler with passion for salmon and trout biology lands ideal job in Newfoundland. Spawner Magazine. Published by the Salmon Preservation Association for the Waters of Newfoundland. Page 75.

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