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SEEC Lab News

October 2023

SEEC Lab postdoc Sam May led the charge on a gigantic genetic analysis of Prince William sound pink salmon. Find the UAF write up HERE or the journal article HERE

September 2023

SEEC Lab goes north of the Brooks Range to search for salmon...and we found some! Read more about it HERE

August 2023

Peter's back from sabbatical! He caught all the fish.

August 2022

Bye Peter, have a great sabbatical and catch all the fish! 

March 2020

New SEEC Lab work published: does size really matter to outmigrating smolt survival at sea? Yes and No

Work by Marta Ulaski (formerly Ree) published in Evolutionary Applications. Read it HERE

July 2019

Peter travels to the Koyukuk River to investgate massive en-route prespawn mortality of summer chum salmon. Read more HERE

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